Podcasts, Interviews, Articles and Appearances featuring Anahata and Shamangelic Healing

Podcast: Melissa Monte- 4 Elements of Manifestation

Melissa Monte and Anahata Ananda peer into the secrets held within the elements of nature to assist in utilizing their power to manifest anything we desire! As a guest on Melissa's Mind Love Podcast the conversation revolves around how the elements equate to the...

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Ep 7 Radical Courage Hide or Be Seen with Robin Rorex

Share & Enjoy This Episode on These Platforms: In this radically courageous authentic vulnerable discussion about facing fears, healing core wounds, reclaiming power and embracing one’s authentic self, Anahata and Robin explore:  Why radical courage is so vital,...

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Ep 3 Doing the Inner Work with Tommy Baker

Share & Enjoy This Episode on These Platforms: This Shamangelic Healing podcast conversation between Tommy Baker, podcaster and author of The 1% Rule and Anahata Ananda, founder of Shamangelic Healing is packed with inspiring pearls of wisdom and authentic...

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