Podcasts, Interviews, Articles and Appearances featuring Anahata and Shamangelic Healing

Podcast: Awakening Your Inner Shaman with Nixie Marie

The I AM Goddess Podcast with Nixie Marie -Episode 103: Awakening Your Inner Shaman Listen on iTunes:   In this episode we deep dive into: Working with the elemental forces of nature...

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Ep 6 Ayahuasca Medicine or Poison?

  Share & Enjoy This Episode on These Platforms:   What’s With All The Hype Around Ayahuasca? How Do I Know If It Is For Me? Is Ayahuasca Safe? Join this deep discussion on the potential benefits and possible drawbacks of a Shamanic Journey with...

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Interview: SpiritPreneur- Susie Beiler & Anahata

Susie Beiler interviews Anahata Ananda on her show, SpiritPreneur Symposium, Ep. 3, as featured in Lightworker Advocate Magazine, October 2018 edition, about her journey transitioning into a spiritual entrepreneur. Watch on YouTube:  ...

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Podcast: Shamanic Healing with Kimberly Snyder

Join Kimberly Snyder, nutritionist and New York Times best-selling author, and I on her Beauty Inside Out podcast as we look at the importance of being in balance with the natural world around us in order to feel our best! We dive deep during the forty-minute...

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Fall – What to Keep and What to Release

As the weather shifts and the days become shorter, Mother Nature in her infinite intelligence becomes the ultimate minimalist. Without hesitation or remorse and with perfect discernment, She knows exactly what to keep and what to release. It may appear insensitive,...

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When a Door Closes in Your Face

It seems to be happening to a lot of people right now. Often when you least expect it. You’re walking along and then, suddenly, the door you thought you were supposed to go through slams shut. But Why? There must me some mistake! This can’t be right. The first...

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