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Podcast: Zura Health & Anahata- Coming Home to Your Feminine Power

16 Nov 2018

Kylie McBeath and I sit down for an in-depth look at what it takes to embody what it means to be an Empowered Woman and the tools available to us to shine BIG  in the world!   Available to listen … Continue reading

Podcast: Ronnie Landis & Anahata Ananda: Roadmap to Transformation

13 Nov 2018

Out now!  Anahata shares the Roadmap for Transformation on the Ronnie Landis Holistic Health & Human Potential podcast. Listen to the audio podcast here: Throughout this hour long interview, I share about my past journey which brought me to do … Continue reading

Fall – What to Keep & What to Release?

31 Oct 2018

As the weather shifts and the days become shorter, Mother Nature in her infinite intelligence becomes the ultimate minimalist. Without hesitation or remorse and with perfect discernment, She knows exactly what to keep and what to release. It may appear … Continue reading

Podcast: Kimberly Snyder & Shamanic Healing

29 Oct 2018

I was recently invited to speak on the topic of Shamanic Healing to fans of NY Times Best Selling author, Kimberly Snyder!  I invite you to listen in on the wisdom we shared. During the podcast we dove right into … Continue reading

When a Door Closes in Your Face

3 Sep 2018

Podcast: Shamanic Journeys & Sedona Vortexes with Ben Greenfield & Ana

30 Jul 2018

I recently joined Ben Greenfield on his top-rated podcast to share insights about Shamangelic Healing and other related topics. In a fun, wide-ranging, discussion, we touched on everything from Shamangelic breathwork, grounding, earthing, vortexes, crystals, and much more. Listen to … Continue reading

Podcast: “The Medicine Wheel” with Anahata and Kyle Kingsbury

29 Jul 2018

Do you feel out of balance at times? Do you struggle with limiting beliefs? I recently sat down with Kyle Kingsbury on the  Onnit Podcast to discuss how we can use the traditional metaphor of the medicine wheel to continuously … Continue reading

Podcast: “The Way of the Shaman” with Anahata and Amanda Gates

28 Jul 2018

Ever wondered what it means to be a modern-day shaman or how you can use shamanic practices to find balance in your life? Join me as I dive into this fascinating topic with Amanda Gates on her award-winning Home Energy … Continue reading

Podcast: “Quantum Manifesting with Anahata Ananda” and Leisa Peterso

2 Jul 2018

Manifest Wealth and Abundance! Leisa Peterson of The Wealth Clinic, and I sit down to share quantum manifestation techniques everyone can bring into their lives. On this podcast, discover your mental, physical and spiritual blocks to prosperity and discover techniques … Continue reading

Podcast: “The Road Map to Transformation” -Aubrey Marcus and Anahata

1 Jul 2018

Do you sometimes feel lost on the road to transformation and manifestation? Tune in to Anahata Ananda, Shamanic healer and soul guide, as an elemental Roadmap to Transformation is shared on the top-rated Aubrey Marcus podcast. Listen above as we … Continue reading