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5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Meditation

27 Jan 2014

It is when the mind is quiet and the body still that the real truth may be revealed. In this space we are primed to receive messages with regards to our purpose and how to proceed in manifesting our fullest … Continue reading

The Quantum Healing Benefits of the Amethyst Crystal Biomat

20 Dec 2013

Anahata’s Favorite Healing Tool: The Amethyst Crystal Biomat   The Amethyst Crystal Biomat is BY FAR my most favorite and utilized healing tool.  My clients, family and friends love it too. Working with Biomat is like having another facilitator assisting … Continue reading

Grief Counseling and Bereavement Support for those Coping with Issues Surroundin

19 Dec 2013

Anahata’s Shamangelic Healing Center in Sedona, Arizona Responds to the Increasing Demand for Grief and Bereavement Support Services with Personal Counseling, In-Person Healing Sessions and Retreats, Counseling for Conscious Transitions, Life Celebration & Release Ceremonies Click HERE for the Details … Continue reading

New 2014 Course Schedule for Energy Fundamentals, Healing Tools and Shamanic Tea

2 Dec 2013

Join me within the Sacred Embrace of Sedona, Arizona for PROFOUND teachings in Energy, Healing Tools, Shamanic Wisdom Teachings or Shamangelic Breathwork Facilitation Training. Everyone can benefit from a deeper understanding of energy, meditation practices, clear boundaries, vibrant spiritual nutrition … Continue reading

7 Tips for Manifesting Your Dream Life

5 Oct 2013

7 Tips for Manifesting Your Dream Life By: Anahata Ananda Your thoughts, ideas, feelings and visions are powerful manifestors! The more attention that is focused on a specific thing, experience or idea, the more it expands.  The more specific thoughts … Continue reading

Five Keys to Raising Your Vibration – Techniques for Improving Spiritual,

19 Aug 2013

  By Anahata Ananda There are many ways in which to raise one’s vibration. The most profound and lasting shifts occur when improvements to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are made simultaneously. Purifying, nourishing and strengthening the physical … Continue reading

Boundaries ~ Keeping Your Energy Clear by Anahata Ananda

24 May 2013

Boundaries ~ Keeping Your Energy Clear By Anahata Ananda Although we are all connected, We each have our own Divine sovereign will and personal Soul Journey. Ever felt “dense” or “heavy” after interacting with someone? Ever felt like some people … Continue reading

Death, Dying, Grieving & Conscious Transitions by Anahata Ananda

19 Mar 2013

Where are you on this subject?  It is time for a new paradigm surrounding, death, dying and grieving. Let’s dissolve the taboos and start talking openly about our feelings. Let’s take the time to heal the wounds and address the … Continue reading

Anahata’s New School for Energy Healing and Shamanic Training Opens in Sed

26 Jan 2013

Shamangelic Healing with Anahata, Sedona’s Center for Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Awakening, is Now Offering an Extensive Curriculum of Energy Healing and Shamanic Training Courses. In March, 2013, Sedona Arizona’s premier center for Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Awakening is extending … Continue reading

Spring Into Alignment All Aspect of Your Life

10 Sep 2012

Spring into Alignment – Bring into Harmony All Aspects of Your Life By Anahata Ananda What is out of balance in your life right now–health, relationships, career, finances or happiness?  Well, you are the creator, visionary and steward of your … Continue reading