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The Spiritual Journey of Awakening Podcast with Anahata & Tommy Baker

22 Jul 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Tommy Baker from the Resist Average Academy for a powerfully inspiring podcast interview on Personal Growth, Spirituality & How to Be the Change we wish to see in the world. Tune-in to the … Continue reading

Shamangelic Breathwork | Teaching, Sharing, & Facilitating Deep Release in

15 Nov 2015

My healing practice, as it stands today, is the culmination of many, many years of training and studying with a myriad of teachers from around the world.  Layer by layer, I have added a host of healing modalities into my … Continue reading

Interview with Aubrey Marcus & Anahata Ananda on Shamanic Breathing &

8 Oct 2015

In September I was invited to Austin, TX to facilitate a number of workshops for employees of Onnit, an innovative health, supplements, fitness, and lifestyle company owned by my dear friend and student, Aubrey Marcus. I had a fabulous week … Continue reading

New 2014 Course Schedule for Energy Fundamentals, Healing Tools and Shamanic Tea

2 Dec 2013

Join me within the Sacred Embrace of Sedona, Arizona for PROFOUND teachings in Energy, Healing Tools, Shamanic Wisdom Teachings or Shamangelic Breathwork Facilitation Training. Everyone can benefit from a deeper understanding of energy, meditation practices, clear boundaries, vibrant spiritual nutrition … Continue reading

Anahata’s New School for Energy Healing and Shamanic Training Opens in Sed

26 Jan 2013

Shamangelic Healing with Anahata, Sedona’s Center for Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Awakening, is Now Offering an Extensive Curriculum of Energy Healing and Shamanic Training Courses. In March, 2013, Sedona Arizona’s premier center for Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Awakening is extending … Continue reading

Go After the Nectar in Life ~ Hummingbird Wisdom

10 Sep 2012

Go After the Nectar in Life ~ Hummingbird Wisdom By Anahata Ananda The agile and joyful hummingbird demonstrates the wisdom of going after the nectar in life!  This wise teacher conveys how important it is to stay light, adaptable and … Continue reading

Spring Equinox – A Powerful Time to Plant Seeds of Intention

10 Sep 2012

SPRING EQUINOX IS A POWERFUL TIME TO PLANT SEEDS OF INTENTION Your Future is in Your Hands What intentions for your life are you planting today?   What kind of person do you choose to be? What kind of relationships … Continue reading

Shamanic Wisdom ~ The 4 Elements Bring Nourishment to Modern Day Super Heroes

10 Sep 2012

hamanic Wisdom ~ The 4 Elements Bring Nourishment for Modern Day Super Heroes By Anahata of Shamangelic Healing In this lifetime as we evolve from mortals into Spiritual Super Heroes, our sources for fuel will shift as well.  In order … Continue reading

The Passionate Heart of the Passionfruit Flower

10 Sep 2012

The Passionate Heart of the Passionfruit Flower Ever-expanding, vibrant, confident and bold Trusting, vulnerable, a beauty to behold Divine messages encoded within its essence Sweet nectar tasted within its presence Generous with the bounty of euphoric bliss Gifting a deep … Continue reading